PO Box 226
Notus, ID 83656
208-459-4141 - Office
208-459-3428 - Fax

474 Elgin Street
P.O. Box 226
Notus, ID 83656
Phone:    208-459-4141
Fax:        208-459-3428
Monday - Friday 7 to 5


The Chairman of the Board has made the decision to close the Black Canyon Irrigation District OFFICE ONLY!  This will not affect water delivery!!

There are several ways to reach us:

  • Email is best and you can contact any of the following for administrative/paperwork questions:

  • Phone – 208-459-4141  Ext. 9
  • Fax – 208-459-3428

If you need to make a payment you should mail us a check or drop it in the locked mailbox at the bottom or the ramp to our building.  We do accept credit cards.  There is a 3% fee and a link can be emailed to you if you choose to pay with that method.

If you have RRA forms that need to be filled out we can email, fax, or mail them to you and you can sign them and then fax, email, or mail them back to us.  At this time your RRA forms are still due prior to ordering water, however, the Bureau of Reclamation is assessing that requirement.

Unit 1 water will be deliverable as of March 25th.

Unit 2 water will be deliverable as of April 6th.

Stay healthy and have a fantastic irrigation season!!

Black Canyon Irrigation District (BCID) supplies irrigation water to some 60,080 acres of farms, lawns, and gardens in Canyon, Gem and Payette Counties.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday    7:00am - 5:00pm
(208) 459-4141

Operation and Maintenance Hours :
Monday - Thursday     7:00am - 5:30 pm

Physical Address        Mailing Address:
474 Elgin Ave.             P.O. Box 226
Notus, ID 83656         Notus, ID 83656