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Board of Directors


District #1 -         Adam Blank, Vice Chairman
    Term Expires:    2020

District #2 -        John Hartman
    Term Expires:    2021

District #3 -         Dan Surmeier
    Term Expires:    2019

District #4 -         Dennis Lammey
    Term Expires:    2021

District #5 -         Mike Wagner, Chairman
    Term Expires:    2019

*Board Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, except in November
when it is the first Tuesday of the month, and take place in the Black Canyon Irrigation
District board room.  Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m.

*Board Members reserve the right to move or add Special Meetings at

*Board Members are elected by property owners in the District.




February 12, 2019, Regular Board Meeting 1:00 p.m.

All items on this agenda are potential action items and may be voted on


1.       Open Meeting

A.      Approve Agenda

2.       Guests: 

3.       Review & Approve Minutes (January 8, 2019)

4.       Treasurers Report / Expense Report

5.       Pay Claims

6.       Budget Review

7.       Old Business

A.      Fill-Refill issue on the Payette




8.       New Business:

A.      Manager’s Expense & Misc. Report

B.      Water Report

C.      Spring 2019 Newsletter

D.      TVWUA Voting Membership Fee: 6880 @ .26 = $1,788.80

E.       Temporary Water Transfers

                                                               i.      Tim St. George to Dan Hansen – 33.00 acres

                                                             ii.      David Miller to Randy Watts – 2.00 acres

F.       Permanent Water Transfers

                                                               i.      Bob Goodwin – moving water around Aussie Acres HOA 1 & 2 to even out water rights among the land owners.

G.      License to Install Pump – Jeremiah & Jennifer Miller – Hartley Gulch Drain

H.      Food Producers of Idaho membership?

I.        Lease the State contracted 2800 AF to Water Bank 65