Office - 208-459-4141
Fax - 208-459-3428
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If you need verification of water rights, please fax your request to (208) 459-3428 along with a full legal description that includes metes and bounds.

Roy Maxwell            Manager                 Ext. 1     Cell:    208-880-8275

Carl Hayes              Asst. Manager         Ext. 2     Cell:    208-941-8026                   
Tom Bittick              Water Master          Ext. 3     Cell:    208-989-2606

Cathy Skidmore       Secretary                Ext. 5                              

Heather Grubaugh    Asst. Secretary       Ext. 6                              

Cheyanne Andrade    Office Assistant       Ext. 9                              

General Information                               Ext. 9