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News Letter

Black Canyon Irrigation District       Emergency Phone Numbers

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Office Hours

7:00 am – 5:00 pm


             Fall 2019



Adam Blank (Chair)              District #1                 

John Hartman (V-Chair)        District #2

Dan Surmeier                         District #3

Dennis Lammey                     District #4

Mike Wagner                         District #5



Our regular Board Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month at the District office in Notus at 1:00 p.m.   

                          2019 ASSESSMENTS

Unit #1

Spring $29.50/acre

Fall      $25.75/acre

            $37.50/assessment charge per billing

Unit #2

Spring $30.00/acre

Fall      $25.75/acre

            $37.50/assessment charge per billing       

Excess water

            $20.00/acre feet

District Idle Acres

$70.00/acre plus $200.00 Transfer fee


We had a very wet spring this year that helped fill our reservoirs and we foresee a storage carryover of approximately 60,000 Acre Feet.  This means that we will need a near normal snow pack for the 2020 water year.              


 Dan Surmeier and Mike Wagner (Districts 3 & 5) were re-elected by Reason of Petition (Idaho Code 43-201A).


We are working with Access Idaho to offer the option of paying with a debit/credit card.  This option is available in our office or we can email or text you a link that you follow to pay online.  We will not be taking or storing any credit card numbers!  The cost for this service is 3% of the bill and that fee goes directly to Access Idaho.


The BOR and BPA are forecasting multiple infrastructure repair projects coming up in the next few years in order to combat our aging dams, powerlines, and power supply facilities.  We are working with the necessary entities to minimize the financial impact on the District and its patrons.   


For years the District has focused on piping laterals in order to improve the project, however, we are shifting our focus toward infrastructure maintenance.  Therefore, we are going to put more effort into the maintenance of the District, including possibly replacing existing pipelines that are causing water delivery issues.  We are also analyzing our own aging infrastructure and have begun replacing the concrete liner in the Main canals. 


Aquatic plants are seemingly getting worse each year and spreading across the District.  We discover plants new to the District every year and are altering our applications accordingly.  In working with Aquatic Specialists, I have found that when they are looking for a certain aquatic species, typically they call Black Canyon Irrigation District because if it is in Idaho, we have it.  Also, if you do not want treated water on your land please call the District and ask to be placed on the notification list.


Each and every year we have right of way issues.  Last year was no different with the placing of fences, plants, material, equipment, and even survey markers (please make sure that surveyors do a set back off the right of way when placing pins so they don’t get destroyed).  Underground pipelines also have an O&M right of way that requires that nothing is placed within them in order to allow repairs and maintenance.  If you are planning on doing anything next to one of our canals, ditches, drains, pipelines, or lateral’s, contact us first so we can provide you with the right of way information from the B.O.R. to prevent potential problems.

The District is responsible for mowing and spraying to suit the District’s needs, which is typically 1-2 times per year.  If your needs exceed the District’s, the landowner is responsible for additional weed control.

NOTE:  If you are doing something that will require undue maintenance to the District (unnecessary erosion, water quality issues, watering of ditch rider roadways, etc.) you may be billed for the necessary repairs.  Please be conscious of this.



Each year someone within the District has motor or pump damage due to water flow issues that are normally out of our control, therefore, as in the past, we continue to strongly encourage any Patrons with Pumps / Motors to install low water shutoff protection to prevent possible damage due to low water conditions.  We normally experience power outages each and every year so please be prepared.  In addition, if you install a pump irrigation system, please design them to function at minimum flows.  The district cannot always deliver a full inch to the acre.  When this happens you may not be able to irrigate if your system is not designed appropriately.    


Roy Maxwell, District Manager will be retiring at the end of October after serving this District and the Treasure Valley irrigators for over 40 years!!  Roy has been working with me (Carl Hayes) for the past two years in preparation for his retirement.  I am going to do my best to fill the gap that Roy’s absence will create.  Roy has been the best boss/mentor I could have ever asked for.  I will continue to lean on his sage advice and wisdom after his retirement . . . whether he likes it or not!  In all seriousness, the irrigation business, much like agriculture as a whole, is not a job but a way of life, and Roy has dedicated his to serving this valley.  We are all indebted to him for his selfless service.  While we wish Roy the best and are happy to see him spend more time with his family, he will leave a huge hole in our lives here at the District!

Happy Retirement Roy, we wish you the best!

Regrettably Mark Fuller has also retired this summer.  His pleasant but quiet demeanor and superior excavator skills will be greatly missed.  Black Canyon would like to thank him for 13 years of service!  We had two new employees join us in 2019:  Orlando Gonzalez took over Ride 5 and had a great rookie year with us.  Mike Donohue returned to us as the new Assistant Manager after spending the last 5 ½ years at Priest Electric.  Mike brings 26 years of experience with BCID back with him and we are happy to have him back onboard!  We are also excited to announce Tyler Chamberlain as our new Water Master.  Tyler has been with the District almost 13 years serving as a Ditch Rider and then Shop Manager.  We are thrilled to welcome our new team, and are looking forward to serving the District to the best of our abilities. 


The ongoing issue with the State of Idaho Department of Water Resources in regard to how water that is released for flood control, is accounted for, continues to be a top priority for us.  We look forward to a resolution in the near future and we will keep you posted when more information is available. 

Paul Arrington, Executive Director & General Counsel of the IWUA, has been and will continue to make changes to improve and update the operation of our Association.  He has continued to work with our people in Washington D.C. to address a number of issues including the Columbia River Treaty which seems to be at the top of the list for now.


As the holiday season approaches, our office will have the following changes to our normal hours of operation:

Roy Maxwell Retirement:  October 24th  - 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.           - Closed            November 22nd:  Closed – Training

Thanksgiving:  November 27th - 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. – Closed                      November 28th & 29th:  Closed

Christmas:  December 23rd – 30th:  Closed                                                December 31st:  9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

                                                                             January 1st - 3rd   Closed

I hope you all have a great fall & winter, and I hope the year has treated you well.  Here’s looking forward to a great 2020!

Thank You

Carl Hayes

District Manager