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Black Canyon Irrigation District       Emergency Phone Numbers

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(208) 459-4141                          Tyler Chamberlain  (208)880-8280

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Office Hours

7:00 am – 5:00 pm



               SPRING 2020




Adam Blank  (Chair)                        District #1                 

John Hartman (V-Chair)      District #2

Dan Surmeier                                    District #3

Dennis Lammey                    District #4

Mike Wagner                                    District #5



Regular Board Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, except November when it is held on the first Tuesday, at the District office in Notus @ 1:00 P.M.  



Unit #1

Spring $31.00/acre

Fall      $26.75/acre

            $45.00/assessment charge per billing

Unit #2

Spring $31.50/acre

Fall      $26.75/acre

            $45.00/assessment charge per billing     

Excess water

            $20.00/acre foot

District Idle Acres

$70.00/acre plus Transfer fee


We made the difficult decision in 2019 to raise our yearly assessment fees.  Per Idaho Code (43-701), the Board is authorized to determine the cost associated with keeping and maintaining the assessments and charge that amount to each account.  Currently our costs are $91.22 per account so we raised the assessments in 2019 and again this year to adequately fund this cost stream.



Our 2019 water year ended with approximately 77,000 AF of storage carryover after the District’s usage and water leases.  The leases generate money which is earmarked for our projects’ rehabilitation (replacement of old structures, pipelines, head gates, etc.).  Currently we have a normal snowpack for this time of year.  However, with our carryover water and the fact that we are currently at approximately 62% of capacity in Cascade, we are hoping to fill Cascade this spring.                                  


If you own and/or lease over 40 irrigable acres in Unit #2 (noted above your account number on your bill) you may be required to file RRA forms.  The office has printed your 2020 forms or you can download the forms on the internet at  Please file your RRA forms early to avoid a three working day delay of water delivery.  Please keep these things in mind when checking your forms:

  • Have you bought or sold land? 
  • Has your marital status changed? 
    • We need your spouse’s signature, even if they have no interest in the land!!
  • Has the name on any of your deeds changed? 
    • This commonly occurs during estate planning (John & Mary Smith change their land to ‘The Estate of John & Mary Smith’).
  • You only have 60 days to notify us of most changes during the irrigation season.

While we help facilitate the filing of these forms, it is ultimately the landowner’s responsibility to ensure they are correct!!


Delinquencies are filed with the counties each year your account becomes delinquent. A Tax Deed is taken after the third year of delinquency.  Black Canyon Irrigation District begins the Tax Deed process every June.

Continued on the back


Each year we install a number of pipelines, rehabilitate failing infrastructure, and implement operational improvements throughout the District, and this year is no exception.  We are able to do some of these projects with money generated from leasing water to the BOR, together with money we get through grants received from Water District #65. 

Along with our normal maintenance projects each year, we have done a significant amount of pipeline repair on aging original pipelines, small syphons, and replaced approximately 600’ of floor in the Main Canal lining near Emmett.  We have been working on regaining easements, replacing head gates, and cleaning our Main Canals, specifically the D-Line and A-Line.

Black Canyon is working with the IWUA to explore the ability to encourage irrigation infrastructure funding from the Federal level as it is a wide spread issue important to irrigation districts across the country.


1st UNIT

We have put a significant amount of time and effort into not only cleaning but reshaping the Main Canal and laterals on the 1st Unit.  If shaped and sized correctly, these facilities will require less maintenance and reduce the cost of controlling aquatic growth.  We are also looking for a couple of good locations to install settling ponds in order to localize silting, which in turn could mean increased efficiencies on the farm and to the District.  Anyone interested in leasing their property for this purpose should contact the BCID office – Ext. #1.



Each year we have patrons who are upset when they find out that the District and/or the Bureau of Reclamation has a Right Of Way for the operation and maintenance of our system and pipelines thru their property.  2019 was no different so please, before you build anything next to one of our canals, ditches, drains, pipelines, or lateral’s, contact us first so we can provide you with the right of way information to prevent potentially costly problems. 

An ongoing issue that we continue to address is lands above our system which drain off into our system.  In most cases, this causes extra costs and unnecessary maintenance for our project.  Some of these lands are not part of our project.  Therefore, we will be looking into either stopping these types of problems or, at the least, recouping the costs that are created.  Another issue is livestock getting into the ditches.  This also creates extra cost and issues for the District, as well as for our landowners.

Another noteworthy challenge the District is facing on an ever increasing basis is development.  Any and all modifications to District facilities or Rights of Ways, including residential driveways, must be reviewed and permitted through the Bureau of Reclamation and BCID.  BCID now has a submittal deadline of November 1st in order to be considered for construction in that off season.  Submittal by November 1st in no way guarantees that your project will be approved for construction in time to be completed by the next irrigation season.  All construction must be completed by March 1st.  BCID is also working on a set of Standards and Specifications that projects will need to be designed to meet.  We hope to have these completed and approved by late spring 2020.


Fill/Refill Issue:  Much to the credit of Speaker of the House Scott Bedke and Majority Leader Mike Moyle, after a long drawn out and painstaking process, Water District 63 has finally reached a resolution.  We will continue to advocate for a similar water right to ensure the ability to fill the reservoirs in Water District 65 after flood control operations.

We are closely watching the U.S. – Canadian Treaty as it addresses flood control.  Canada is asking for all of the lower states facility’s to operate for flood control for Portland Oregon.  If changed, this could have drastic impacts upon how we operate our reservoirs. 

Mossing:  The District is continuing to try new types of products and methods to control the moss and aquatic plant issues that we have in our system.

Irrigation season will soon be here so if you know of anything that needs attention, please contact us.

Carl Hayes

District Manager